Our Farm 

Sweetgrass Farms is family owned and operated by longtime Sarasota residentsand is staffed by experienced, professional growers.  We have retained as advisors, consultants and suppliers, worldwide experts in hydroponic vertical farming and nutrient solutions. 

Our produce is sold locally to the public at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market and Sweetgrass Farms' on site market open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

We are committed to growing the best produce available anywhere.  We grow all of our own seedlings from only the highest quality organic, non-GMO and heirloom seeds.  Combined with the most advanced high density growing system in the world we strive to exceed your expectations.

Why Hydroponics?

The word “hydroponics”  originated from two Latin words, hydro and ponics, meaning, “water labor”. Oxygenated water is used to carry the nutrients to the roots of the plants without the use of soil, creating clean, highly nutritional and overall healthier produce.  

We believe that hydroponic farming is what organic farming wants to be when it grows up! Hydroponic farming is the farm of the future. A vertical hydroponics system has been showcased at EPCOT for 16 years.  NASA has helped develop and is currently testing a vertical hydroponics prototype for future colonies on the Moon and Mars.  

Hydroponics requires an intricate knowledge of chemistry, botany, biotechnology and farming.  Plants grown in this manner have been proven to produce fruits and vegetables of a higher vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant content with enhanced nutrition, flavor and health. 

Advantages of growing hydroponically: 

  • Our hydroponic growing system uses ground coconut shell fiber instead of traditional soil, which eliminates the need for dangerous herbicides (no weeds) and pesticides (fewer soil pathogens).  Additionally, it eliminates unwanted micro-organisms that can be present in soil. 

  • The nutrient rich solution is composed of highly refined ionic earth minerals in their purest form with all necessary macro and micro nutrients needed for strong healthy growth.  

  • The water soluble solution delivers directly to the root system exactly what the plant needs to produce exceptional tasting fruits and vegetables.  This allows the plant to grow without competing with weeds or having to struggle extracting its nutrients from animal waste fertilizers.  

  • Not using manure or animal waste fertilizers means less human risk from pathogenic bacteria. 

  • The amount of water used is only 10% of that needed for ground based soil farming. We only use clean water from a deep well.