Our Focus

Our focus has changed from growing many kinds of vegetables to growing strawberries and bamboo.  With the rapidly increasing world wide demand for bamboo products we feel that this transition is necessary. 

In addition, the Florida Citrus Industry is experiencing a true agricultural crisis with "citrus greening", which has no apparent cure.

The possible collapse of the citrus industry, in Florida as we know it, is on the horizon.  

Citrus production in Florida is now less than 50% of what it was five years ago.  Currently 130,000 acres of citrus groves are being abandoned each year.  This is a true agricultural crisis for our state.


When grown as a plantation, Bamboo offers a relatively rapid cash crop alternative for Florida citrus growers.

After just three years growers can expect a $20,000 per year / per acre return from bamboo shoots alone.  A guaranteed buy back program is offered by Only Moso USA.  

Sweetgrass Farms plans to be on the forefront of this important transition for our state.

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