Tours & Workshops

We would like to introduce you to our world of healthy growing.  We believe it is the future of agriculture.  Let us help you turn our farm into your classroom!  

For an inexpensive, fun filled, educational experience we will be welcoming, by appointment, tours of the farm to any sized group, church, garden club, school, civic group or organization.  Fees for tours vary.  To make arrangements please call Kathy Demler at 941 400 4998.

In addition to the public we welcome restaurant owners, chefs, caterers & produce buyers to visit out facility and see how we grow our amazing, fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Growing Workshops:

Sweetgrass Farms will be offering, on a recurring schedule, workshops about organic and hydroponic growing and how you can use our system to grow your own produce at home. The demand for clean food is growing daily and will continue to do so.  Our dream is for Sweetgrass Farms to become a prototype for farms across the nation for educating people on the value and necessity for clean, fresh, non-GMO food and providing the opportunity to actually see where there food is coming from, witness the growing process and encourage communities to buy locally.  

Guest Speakers:

We will occasionally feature speakers who are experts or pioneers in the fields of nutrition, healthy agriculture, culinary arts and the environment.